Jumat, 18 Maret 2011

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Example of descriptive text

Messaging on your cell phone
Nowadays, cell phone or hand phone is a phone without wire. It is a familiar thing for us. It has so many uses. But we know that everything have some advantages and disadvantages. Look at its advantages, by hand phone we can call everyone whenever and wherever if there are signal and sure you have the number hand phone of the people who want you call. Beside that we can also send some message, it cheaper then make a call.
This is some steps how to send or reply a message :
1. Turn on your hand phone, wait until your hand phone is ready to use
2. Pres the “menu” button, and then appear some menu
3. Select the message menu, and choose “write message”
4. After that will occur a blank screen, it is a sign that you can type your message
5. If you have finish typing it, press “select” button, then choose “send”
6. If you want to send your message to everyone in your hand phone, you chose “send to many “ but if you only want to send into 1 or 2 friends chose “send”, search your friend’s number hand phone in your contact.
7. Last you press “ok”, and wait until your message already delivered
8. When you only want to reply your friend’s message, just choose “reply” then type your reply message and send it.

Ok that’s all, now you can practice it. Good luck !!! and Keep trying.

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